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Spiralling into depression...

2010-07-07 15:43:55 by sayahbfa

*sigh* I don't know why this week is awful for me.

The other day I was depressed for no apparent reason. (Perhaps my little gift of the month is to blame for THAT one.) Yesterday my grandpa pulled me into an argument that made me cry myself to sleep and now my eyes are all puffy and red. (It's 1:39pm and I STILL feel like crap...)

Now today I have an orthodontist appointment (which quite honestly, I haven't been keepng up with my oral hygene lately...only one brushing a day at most. ^^; ) So I'll probably fail that and piss off my grandma even more.

Just earlier she TOLD me to just shake off this depression. Well y'know what, bitch? It's NOT THAT EASY!! *siiiigh* I'm just sick of this...I hate being so weak. I hate having grandparents that like rubbing my face in the dirt.

My grandpa wants me out of my room more and off of the computer more. So, with that, I wont have time to work on flash animations anymore. (Yes, I am working on some.) He wants me out of my room for at least six hours a day! WHAT THE FUCK?! What the hell am I going to do for SIX HOURS?! I honestly don't have anything else to do.

He has a problem with my computer addiction? Well, I have a problem with his drinking. :/ And he always blows up at me after a full pack of beer. -_-# My grandma's sick of it too. He's a hypocrite. I think I'm going to pour out half of his beer cartons until he gets the message. He's killing himself. And quite honestly, I don't want that to happen. (Granted he drives me up a tree!)

*sigh* I'd add in the entire conversation I had with my grandparents last night but I'm afraid you guys don't want to hear my currently emo side. -_-#

I wish some type of good thing would happen to me today...or tomorrow...or Friday...This week sucks.


2010-07-02 16:59:48 by sayahbfa

Well, still no word from any of my auditions. *sigh* Am I really just not as good as I think I am? I mean - I know I'm not terrible...But maybe my expectations for myself and my skills are a little too high...

I auditioned for 5 different things and they all said they'd contact me on the 30th. Still no word. But I think I could probably understand - seeing as for some it's a holiday week. (4th of July.)

But still, I'm really disappointed and I hope to hear from some of them soon...

Okay. I woke up at 8:45am today - which is super early for me now that summer's here. I had to get on my formal clothes and head down to a church for my great grandma Willie's funeral.

It was the saddest thing I've ever been to. (It was my first funeral...) Though the actual religious stuff was very uncomfortable. ^^; I'm not really into that stuff but I joined in anyway to pay my respects. It was so heartbreaking to see all of Willie's kids walking down the middle aisle and JC carrying Willie's ashes. That's when I started crying...I usually hate crying in public - I try to avoid it whenever possible. But hey, it's a funeral - it's supposed to be sad.

There's actually something pretty funny. The program with the songs and information on it had a typo. "Wilburta Mary (Willie) Campbell January 21, 1925 - June 21, 1925" So...she was only 6 months old? xD They even got her birthday wrong. But oh well, it made people laugh. ^^ And that's what Nan probably wanted. Just for us to be happy.

Although it really pissed me off that Patty was there. (She's one of Willie's daughters. She made Nan's life MISERABLE.) I swear she didn't cry ONE single tear! That cold hearted bitch is probably happy Nan's gone. >_<# I wanna squirt her with a water gun filled with battery acid! *siiiiigh* But I was the bigger person and was civil around her. I caught her glaring at me once though. >.> (I shouted at her about being a selfish bitch once.)

Well, the good thing was that I got to see several of my cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends, and plain ol' people I've never even met. There's also a boy that's had a crush on me since our childhood. I hugged him and he wouldn't let go. XD It was cute but...I'm really not into younger boys - plus I'm already spoken for. ^^; I hung out with him though.

After the funeral my aunt and uncle took me and my two younger cousins to Toy Story 3 - which I have to say was a good movie. But unfortunately there was a little brat that would NOT shut up that sat next to me. >_<# I politely asked his mother to keep him quiet but the kid wouldn't listen. -_- I would've moved seats but it was really full.

ALSO! I'm in an advertisement!!! It's for my TaeKwonDo school. I was really excited. :3 *clears throat*

Then after the movie we went to Cold Stone Creamery. I got this BIG thing of ice cream. It was delicioussss~ I had to shove the rest in my freezer though. >.< I got too much. lol. My cousin also sat RIGHT into a puddle of chocolate ice cream. XD And it was on her brand new dress. LOL. I love laughing at childrens' pain sometimes.

So, it was really sad in the beginning, but it got much better. I have an urn with Nan's ashes in it in my room. It's kinda creepy, but I like it. ^_^

All disrespectful/harsh comments will be removed and reported.

Hey guys (or lack of people that read these from me) I'm here to announce that I have a couple new things planned. I've been posting art like crazy (and thank you to my scouter!) but I'd like to get some flash works in.

However, I'm in a bit of a bind. I have a couple quick questions:

Is it a good idea to finish the entire thing and stick a loading bar on it after or should I put the loading bar in first?

How can I improve the sound quality in my flash submissions? They always seem muffled and crappy. :/ I have Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (yeah old. I know.)

Is there a way to record within Flash? The recorder I have only makes .wmv files. I need mp3!

I will look at tutorials as much as I can but I figured it'd be harder to find the answers to these particular questions. Thanks for your help!

Voice Actor for Hire

2010-06-18 20:48:39 by sayahbfa

Okay. I'm advertising again. I'm a voice actor in need of some work. I missed an opportunity a while ago, but now I wish for you to contact me via email about any openings so I don't miss out. (I was asked to be in Blurst 2.)

I will send a demo of my voice to see if it's what you need. Yes, I can do slightly male voices too.

Thank you for your time and interest.

New projects/news

2010-06-18 02:58:34 by sayahbfa

Okay, I just got back from about a 3-month long hiatus. I totally tanked that last idea about Animal Crossing. xD I lost interest.

But yes, I'm also still willing to do some voice acting. I just need to hook up my microphone since we moved the computer around. So don't hesitate to ask...please. ;_; I'm starved for collaborative work.

I'm currently working on some original animation AMVs to some of Hatsune Miku's songs. I found some of the official animations for the songs to be rather...poor. For lack of a worthy term. XD I'm currently working on Crime & Punishment with the characters from my up-coming series. You can find a preview on my DeviantArt page:

Thanks Newgrounds. I'm back! x3

A New Project

2010-05-02 19:12:49 by sayahbfa

Yes, I realize I'm not popular at all here, but I will try my best at making a good flash.

I was recently inspired by TheWeebl's Cat Face series. So yesh...o.o

It may have something to do with Animal Crossing since I've had a big obsession with playing it over the past few weeks. So now I just need to find some background music. o3o

Wish me luck~!
Oh, and if you're interested in helping out with voices that'd be great too~

Does anyone need a voice actor?

2010-03-16 18:51:50 by sayahbfa

Hello again, everyone. Due to some minor flaming I've been forced to re-write my entry about wanting to help anyone in need of a voice actor.

In order to help my dream of being a voice actor I need lots of practice. If you need to hear demos please PM me and I'll send you a link.

I know I'm not entirely popular here, but due to the amounts of work I do in my own time I barely get on Newgrounds. Plus most of the people here are downright mean. -_-

Offering my services

2010-03-15 23:00:59 by sayahbfa

Hi everyone. I just wanted to point out that I'm willing to voice act for anyone who needs an extra or character voice. If you need any demos visit my YouTube page:


I'll be waiting to hear from people!

It's impossible...

2009-12-27 22:01:09 by sayahbfa

Good LORD it's hard to submit to NG!! D8 I've tried to submit a couple but they keep getting blammed! It's horrible! DX

But oh well. I guess that's why they call it the "BEST" ^^; So I guess I'll post my crappy stuff on DeviantART and then post my better stuff here and hope it doesn't get blammed.

By the way, is there a limit to how many blams you can get? ^^; I don't wanna get kicked off.